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Posted by on in Garage Door Repair
Garage door repairs should always be performed by a trained garage door professional. You can play a part in preventing breakdowns, though. By implementing a few maintenance routines, you can keep your garage door working smoothly.AA Garage  Garage Door Maintenance Tips Image

Lubricate the metal
Your garage door can get noisy and squeaky over time. Applying a silicone or lithium lubricant (not WD-40) to metal parts like the chains, hinges, and rollers can greatly reduce the noise your door makes.

Clean the track
The track of your garage door needs to be clean and free of debris. Regularly check to make sure there aren’t any buildups of dirt or foreign objects on the track. A damp rag should be all you need to wipe it down.

Realign the sensors
Your garage door sensors are generally located near the ground on either side of the door. They detect whether or not the garage door all the way up or down. The sensors can easily be bumped or pushed out of alignment by people, bikes, or other garage items located nearby. You can realign them by gently pushing them into the correct position. You can test this out by putting your hand in front of the sensor and seeing how the garage door responds.

Replace the weather seals
There are rubber or plastic weather seals all the way around your garage door that help keep air, water, and bugs out of your garage. Chances are good that your garage door will outlive the weather seals as they wear down over time. When it’s time to replace them, cut a bit off to take with you to the store to ensure you get weather seals that will fit your door.

Rather than waiting for a problem to arise with your garage door, remember these 4 garage door maintenance tips to keep your garage door in working order. For more information, or to schedule garage door repair service, give us a call at 407-968-0591.
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While getting a handy job done yourself has long been a sense of pride for homeowners, we’ve now entered the DIY age. More than ever, homeowners are attempting to tackle home repair and improvement jobs on their own thanks to the internet and all of the information is provides.AA Garage  Why You Need to Hire a Professional Image

When it comes to replacing your garage door springs, though, we feel it’s important to educate the public as to why that’s not a safe idea.

Garage door spring replacements must be done by trained garage door experts.

There are two kinds of springs on garage doors that make it possible for the door to go up and down: torsion springs and extension springs. Garage door springs are wound extremely tight which creates the tension needed to lift a 500+ pound door.

For the untrained individual, touching or working on the springs of a broken garage door can lead to the springs snapping and whipping out. If a person is nearby, the spring can strike them causing serious, possibly even fatal injuries.

A trained garage door technician will have lots of experience safely installing and repairing springs. They’ll also have specialized tools that help them do their job safely and correctly.

There are lots of jobs that you can safely do yourself and we encourage you to do so. Unfortunately, repairing garage door springs is not one of them. If your garage door springs are broken, please give All American Garage Door Repair a call today at 407-968-0591.
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Posted by on in Garage Door Repair
Garage door spring breakage can be an incredibly troubling and annoying inconvenience. The torsion spring in your garage door is responsible for doing the heavy lifting when you put your door up or down. Knowing the causes of breakage, and when to replace them can help prevent you from being stranded at home All American Garage Door 1because you can’t get your garage door open.

Normal Usage
The primary cause of spring breakage in garage doors is simple wear and tear. Springs have a limited number of uses before they need replacement, and most garage door springs are rated at about 10,000 cycles. That may seem like a lot, but the average homeowner may use up to 10 cycles each day between coming and going to work, moving things in and out of the garage, and kids going in and out to play. We recommend heavy garage door users to look into having extended life torsion springs installed, which are about twice the price, but last four times as long.

The formation of rust on the torsion spring significantly shortens its life expectancy. When rust forms on the torsion spring, it greatly increases friction on the coil as it moves. This is a risk that is especially great in a humid location like Orlando, where moisture can become trapped in a garage if it is not well ventilated, and allow rust to thrive. Something as easy as spraying the torsion spring down with WD-40 a few times a year can do wonders to make sure you get the full life out of your torsion spring.

Cutting Corners to Save Cost
Most double wide, or heavy garage doors should use one torsion spring mounted on each side of the door to share the lifting load. Builders on a budget often opt to install one large torsion spring above the center of the door to do all of the lifting, shortening the life of that one spring tremendously. When a door with one torsion spring fails, and incredible amount of energy is stored in the spring, which can cause a lot of damage.

Lack of Maintenance
Failure of garage door springs is inevitable, but there are signs of when they start to wear. Something simple that can be done is to lift the garage door halfway up by hand, and let go of it. If the springs are in good working order, the door should stay in place. If the door falls back down, or even sags a bit, the springs are on their way out and should be replaced.

If you have a failed garage door spring call All American Garage Door Solutions at 407-968-0591 today to schedule a repair!
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Posted by on in Garage Door Repair
Garage doors should open and close smoothly, quietly, and evenly. One part that is responsible for making that happen are the cables and drums on each side of the door. The cables, in conjunction with the springs, are responsible for raising and lowering the door evenly. All American Garage Door 2

Often as a door and its components age, some slack may form in the cables, and the drums may come out of sync with each other. When this happens, the door may have a lopsided or crooked appearance when opening or closing. That crooked appearance is not only unsightly, but causes the door to not operate smoothly, and make more noise than it should.

If the door sits crooked when fully closed, it may leave a gap between the door and ground which is an open door for the elements and pesky critters to make their way into your home.

If your garage door doesn’t close evenly, adjustment by a trained professional is recommended. When adjusting the cables and drums on a garage door, if care is not taken, it can worsen the lopsided condition to the point where the door is even capable of falling off of the track and damaging anything in its path, or injuring somebody if they happen to be nearby.

Give All American Garage Door Solutions a call at 407-968-0591 to schedule a repair for your crooked garage door by one of our trained professionals.
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Posted by on in Garage Door Repair
At All American Garage Door Solutions, we’ve always put the customer first. We know a lot of companies say that. It’s practically an unwritten rule that AA Garage  Thank You Imagecompanies have to say they put customers first, whether they really do or not. But we work every day to stand by our commitment because we’ve always believed that if we treat the customer how we want to be treated, good things will come our way.

While reading our reviews on Yelp recently (yes we really do that!), we knew for sure that we’ve done exactly what we set out to do. We’ve treated our customers like friends and neighbors. We don’t overcharge them or force them to spend their day waiting for us to arrive. We go the extra mile in making sure every garage door we tend to is working properly from top to bottom, rather than checking only the issue for which we were called.

To our immense satisfaction and gratitude, our customers have taken to spreading the word for us. In the almost 30 Yelp reviews people have left, not one has been lower than 5 stars. In a world where folks are more likely to tell the world about a negative experience than a positive one, we find this absolutely incredible.

We decided to take a step back and sincerely thank those who have appreciated the work we do enough to tell the world about it.

Click here to see our Yelp reviews or leave one yourself!
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An improperly working garage door can be frustrating. There are so many moving parts, how are you supposed to know what's malfunctioning?AA Garage  Garage Door Acting Weird Image

There are three common problems:

The Garage Door Ghost
It's definitely frightening when your garage door decides to open or close on its own. But it could be as simple as something messing with the transmitter. Check the transmitter and make sure nothing is pressing the button; also check the frequency and make sure it's not the same as your neighbor's. He could be opening your garage door with his transmitter!

The Door Refuses to Close
Garage doors are sensitive. For safety reasons, the garage door will open back up if it senses something in the way. Check the door tracks for debris or buildup. If the tracks are gunky or jammed with something, the rollers won't be able to move forward.

It Seems Rickety When it’s Moving
If the door track is out of alignment, you may notice that the garage door struggles to open and close or doesn't do so smoothly. You can check this by looking at the track itself. Unfortunately, this most likely needs professional repair services. A misaligned track will only get worse and can make the door unsafe.

If you’re ever unsure of what the problem is with your garage door, it’s best to call a garage door repair specialist, like the ones at All American Garage Door Solutions. If you’d like to learn more about us or schedule an appointment, please give us a call today at 407-968-0591.
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Posted by on in Garage Door Repair
When buying a home or building one from scratch, you pay special attention to the flooring, and the kitchen cabinets. Even the countertops are often scrutinized. Potential homeowners will turn everything over once, twice, three times to see if what they’re getting is worth their money.garage door repair orlando

That’s great! Buying or building a home is a huge investment and you want to know that you’re getting something great. There’s one thing that routinely gets ignored during this process of checking and double checking house fixtures.

The garage door and opener.

This is something that will get used every day. Whether it looks nice or not, its functionality and longevity are what’s important.

All too often we at All American Garage Door Solutions see people spend enormous amounts of money (sometimes over $1,000,000!) on a home and end up stuck with the cheapest garage doors on the market. That’s unacceptable. When this happens, you can bet you’ll need an Orlando garage repair service way sooner than you’d like.

Know what you’re getting for your money. Ensure that your garage door and opener are held to the same stringent standards you hold your flooring, cabinets, and countertops to. Don’t settle for cheap; insist on the best.

For more information on picking the right garage door from the get-go, give All American Garage Door Solutions a call at 407-968-0591.
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Posted by on in Our Blog
Homeowners who try to keep up with the maintenance of their home may not know exactly what needs to be done to keep the garage door in tip top shape. It’s important to pay attention to any noises or strange behaviors you observe with your garage door and contact one of our garage door repair experts at All American Garage Door Solutions as soon as something seems amiss. garage door repair orlando

Another proactive approach to keeping your garage door fully functioning and safe is to lubricate some of the important parts. Before going crazy on all the garage door’s parts with WD-40, take a moment to read this short blog so you know what parts you should focus on and what parts are off limits when it comes to lubrication. Here are the facts you should know about lubricating your garage door parts.

  • Use a nonsilicion-based lubricant. Our garage door repair experts at All American Garage Door Solutions usually use a can of white lithium spray to lubricate parts. This material lubricates well, but doesn’t make anything greasy or slippery. A spray can also makes it a lot easier to lubricate without creating a mess.
  • Lubricate rollers, hinges, opener rails, and springs. These are the parts of the garage door that should be focused on with lubrication. These parts should be lubricated every 6 months or so. However, if your garage door seems to be squeaking or making other noises while in operation, it may be a sign that lubrication is needed for one or more of these parts.
  • Don’t lubricate the tracks. While you should be lubricating the rollers, the tracks should be left alone. Applying lubrication to the tracks themselves can make them too slippery. This makes it impossible for your garage door rollers to gain traction when lifting or lowering the door, causing it to increase in speed uncontrollably. It’s important to be careful when applying the lubrication to the rollers that none of it lands on the actual tracks. These tracks simply need to stay clean and dry for optimal functioning.

Now that you’re familiar with how to lubricate your garage door’s parts, be sure to also observe the functionality and life of your parts when you’re lubricating them every six months. If you see anything that may need help, one of the garage door repair experts at All American Garage Door Solutions would be happy to help. Give our office a call today!
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There are many reasons we here at All American Garage Door Solutions have hand selected Liftmaster products to sell and install for our clients. Besides consistent quality of Liftmaster parts, the variety of chamberlain liftmaster elite series 3585 1products provided, and the length of life of their models, we’re also drawn to Liftmaster products because of their innovative technology.  So, what’s the latest impressive technology to come out of the Liftmaster factory? It’s called MyQ and here are some of the reasons you’re going to want to call All American Garage Door Solutions to install it in your home today.

It monitors your garage door for you. After you’ve synced the garage door opening device to your smartphone, you can begin to receive MyQ alerts that let you know when your garage door has just been opened or closed. If you’re out of town with the entire family but get an alert that the garage door has been opened, you’ll know that it’s time to check in with a neighbor or local family member. If you’re wondering if your child is home from school or your spouse has gotten home from work yet, this is a great way to figure out who’s home and who’s not. You can also rest assured that whoever has just come home has closed the garage door behind them.

You can control the garage door from anywhere. The MyQ system takes monitoring a step further by allowing you to control the opening and closing of the garage door right from your smartphone. If you have a child who sometimes comes home from school and forgets to shut the garage door behind them, this is a great way to monitor and proactively close the door yourself. No more worrying about whether a child or family member is home alone with the garage door wide open. You have the ability to remedy it all by yourself from anywhere.

It’s easy to set up. As your garage door repair and installation experts, All American Garage Door Solutions can easily install a new Liftmaster garage door opening system for you in no time. If you’ve installed the MyQ system, it’s just as easy to get it set up with your smart phone and devices. You simply connect the Internet Gateway to your internet router and link your MyQ devices.

Ready to get on board with the latest Liftmaster MyQ technology? We’d love to show you how it works and help with installation! Give All American Garage Door Solutions a call today.
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Many homeowners simply focus on the age of the big parts in their garage door opening system – like the door itself, or the tracks. While all these pieces are vital and must work garage door rollers orlandotogether for a functioning garage door, it’s important not to overlook the life and functionality of the smaller parts. Garage door rollers are an important part of the opening and closing process for a garage door and they should be checked regularly to make sure they’re still working properly.

Here at All American Garage Door Solutions, we’ve seen many major and expensive garage door repairs that could have easily been avoided with the maintenance of the garage door rollers. So, what do the rollers do and how can you make sure they’re functioning properly? Here’s everything you need to know about your garage door rollers.

Rollers keep your garage door on track. The rollers are crucial to the functionality of the door because they keep the entire door on the tracks. If a roller fails or a wheel comes off the stem of the roller, the entire panel can fall out of the track. This can cause a major garage door jam in the opening and can cause a lot more damage to other parts of the system, including the door and the tracks. A functional and proper roller will keep the garage door straight and quiet when opening and closing.

There are many different sizes. It’s so important to have a professional garage door expert at All American Garage Door Solutions analyze, replace, or repair your garage door rollers. There are several different sizes and types of garage door rollers. The size of the wheels, the length of the stem, the material used to create the roller, and the overall design of the roller can differ between types and brands.

Since every garage door is a different weight and size, it’s important to choose the correct size and style of roller for your specific garage door. Our garage door repair experts know exactly how to decipher which size and type of roller is needed for a garage door. Installing an incorrect roller can wreak havoc on a garage door, causing improper closing and opening and further damage to other parts.

Has it been a while since you’ve had the small parts like rollers on your garage door analyzed for their functionality? Call a garage door repair expert at All American Garage Door Solutions today!
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Some of our clients wait until the last minute to call All American Garage Door Solutions to help with a repair or replacement. By the time they call, we can sense the frustration in their voice because they’ve been dealing with a malfunctioning or broken garage door for quite some time now. Don’t wait until you’re at your wit’s end with your broken garage door before calling us!

One simple phone call to our office and we’ll send one of our qualified garage door repair experts out to your house immediately. After diagnosing the problem, our expert can give you a timeline and estimate of repairs before getting started on the work as soon as possible. Before you know it, your garage door will be in tip top shape and functioning like a champ again. Here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding whether the time has come to call All American Garage Door Solutions.

Is my garage door doing something weird? If you’re noticing a new noise, an increase or decrease in speed when opening or closing, jamming, or opening at an angle, or anything else that doesn’t seem right, your garage door needs to be repaired. These small signs of dysfunction when left untreated can lead to bigger problems – like a cease of functionality completely, or the damage to other parts of the garage door operating system. It’s important to call an expert right away when you notice something isn’t right with your garage door. Sometimes, these repairs only take a few hours’ worth of work on our part and a few simple quality parts to be back up and running again.

Is my garage door working? If the answer to this one is ‘no,’ it’s definitely time to give us a call! If your garage door has stopped working, don’t deal with the inconvenience for one more second. We make the diagnosis and repair process for garage door so quick and easy, you’ll be happy you made the call.

Need a garage door repair for your Orlando home? Call American Garage Door Solutions at 407-968-0591 today!
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A broken or malfunctioning garage door cable is not only a nuisance for any homeowner, but it’s also dangerous for all residents of the home. If you’ve noticed a cable that’s dangling, loose, or damaged, DSC01670it’s time to call a professional from All American Garage Door Solutions to take a look. A garage door repair such as this one shouldn’t be pushed to the side as no big deal. A snapped cable in a garage door is basically a waiting game for when the door will slam shut with no control or refuse to open back up, causing frustration. So, why is the garage door cable important and how will you know if it’s causing problems for your door? Here’s everything you need to know about your garage door cable.

What does the cable do anyway? Cables in a garage door opening system are an integral part of the functionality. In the garage door assembly with a torsion system, the cables are attached to brackets that are located at the bottom of the door, on each side. At the top of the door, these cables are then attached to the drums. When the garage door is lifted, the cables wind up and store themselves in these drums.

For a garage door opening system that uses an extension springs, cables are part of the pulley system. This is obviously extremely important for the raising and lowering of the door. Without the cables functioning properly in an extension spring garage door system, there’s no way the door will budge.

How do I know something’s wrong with the cable? If a cable is broken, more than likely your garage door will not open at all. Sometimes if the cable is stretched or loose, you’ll notice that the door opens crooked, slowly, or in a jerking motion. If you think something may be wrong with the cable, it’s important to stop trying to operate the door and immediately call a garage door repair expert at All American Garage Door Solutions. A snapping cable can be dangerous and can also cause more damage to the door itself or other garage door opening parts, making it a larger and more expensive repair than it needs to be.

If you suspect there’s something wrong with your garage door cable or you’re in need of a garage door repair, give our office a call today!
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When your garage door suddenly stops performing correctly, there could be a number of things wrong. It could easily be a mechanical issue or you may need a part replaced, like the rollers or spring. Instead of trying to rule out certain issues or diagnose the problem yourself, it’s much easier and safer to call a garage door repair expert at All American Garage Door Solutions. However, we totally understand a homeowner’s need to know how the garage door works and what could possibly be wrong with it.garage door repair orlando

While garage door sensors are usually very durable and can last for years with no hassle, they could very well be the culprit for a garage door that’s acting up. Here’s how the sensors work and what to look out for when your garage door seems to need a repair.

Sensors are extremely important garage door parts for the safety of your family and the door itself. There are usually two sensors – one on one side of the garage and one on the other, pointing toward the door and each other. Each sensor has an LED light that shines across to the other. When there’s something that breaches that LED light, the sensors send a signal to the door to stop and not finish closing. This is so important because it can save children’s toys, cars, or even a human limb from damage.

Since we now know how the sensors work, we can easily start to experiment with a few things to see if they are the reason the garage door isn’t functioning properly. The first thing to do is to make sure there are no items obstructing the LED light of the sensor. If there’s even the slightest interruption of the light, the garage door simply won’t work.

If you’re sure the path is clear but are still suspicious of whether the sensors are functioning correctly, you can also try cleaning them. Using a dry rag or tissue, wipe down the sensors where they face each other. Sawdust, dirt, or grime can sometimes be enough to trip the sensors.

Another way to check the functionality of the sensors is by checking their alignment. A sensor may have been bumped, pushed, or damaged, causing it to not create an LED connection with the pairing sensor. If a sensor feels lose to the touch, has exposed wiring, or seems to have other physical damage, it’s definitely causing a problem for the garage door.

Still not sure if it’s the sensors making trouble or another part? Give our Orlando garage door repair experts at All American Garage Door Solutions a call today!
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Posted by on in Garage Door Repair
orlando garage door repairThe upkeep and maintenance of your garage door is not only important for the functionality of the door, but also for the safety of use and the prevention of large repairs. Simply paying attention to the functionality of smaller parts on your garage door and opener may be able to save you tons of money on a large repair. One part that should be observed regularly is the garage door rollers. These rollers are an important and integral part in the opening and shutting process.

Sometimes, our garage door repair experts have to perform a large and costly repair that could have been prevented if the rollers had been reviewed and taken care of regularly. Why are worn rollers a dangerous part of the garage door opening system? Here are a few reasons you should make sure your garage door rollers aren’t worn out.

They keep your garage door on track. Rollers are what keep your garage door running smoothly. When they get worn down, the wheels allow for movement on the tracks of the door. This can cause the door to move abruptly in the track when being opened or closed and it can easily be thrown off the track. A garage door that comes off the track usually can cause severe damage to the track and other parts of the opening device, making for an expensive garage door repair.

When rollers get worn down or damaged, they can also make the opening and closing of the garage door much harder on the other parts of the mechanism. If you’re noticing that your garage door is making a grinding noise or a clicking noise, it may be a sign that you need to replace the rollers. If opening and closing the door seems to take longer than usual or it just doesn’t seem as smooth, worn out rollers may be to blame. Give our experts at All American Garage Door Solutions right when you notice any of these symptoms before the door comes off the tracks.

They prevent your garage door from jamming. Rollers are also responsible for the smooth motion of the garage door. If they’re worn out, your garage door is more likely to jam. A jammed garage door is a frustrating emergency that can easily be prevented with the maintenance of parts like the rollers.
If you suspect your rollers may be worn or are in need of a garage door repair or replacement, call All American Garage Door Solutions today!
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Posted by on in Garage Door Repair
Here at All American Garage Door Solutions, the quality of the parts and products offered is our first concern. We want our clients to be completely satisfied with the functionality, look, and quality of the parts and chamberlain liftmaster elite series 3585 1systems installed in their garage door. More importantly, we want these parts to LAST! That’s why we only use the best garage door repair parts and opening systems on the market today. The parts we offer include Chamberlain, Sears/Craftsman, Genie, Wayne Dalton, Liftmaster and a few other well-known and trusted brands. So, why did we decide to include Liftmaster in our list of trusted brand names and product lines? Here are a few reasons we thought Liftmaster was worthy of the cut.

They’ve been around for years. Liftmaster has been a leader in the garage door industry for over 45 years now. They were around way back when opening the garage with a remote was first starting out. Now, they’re innovators in the industry and offer many product lines. Liftmaster has always had the convenience and ease of use for the homeowner in mind when designing products and that’s why we choose to offer their parts to our clients.

They focus on reliability. Since Liftmaster has been in the garage door industry for a long time, they know exactly what the most important factor is for consumers: reliability. They incorporate reliability into every product they create. This includes a successful battery backup system that allows homeowners access to their garage door even when the power is out. They also offer an amazing connectivity product for those homeowners looking to step up the technology game. This allows control of the garage door remotely through a smartphone, computer, or tablet.

They offer quality products. One of the main reasons Liftmaster is a favorite of our garage door experts here at All American Garage Door Solutions is because their products are made of high quality materials. More often than not, we see dissatisfied homeowners because their garage door parts just don’t last as long as they should. More than likely, it’s because these products were from a generic company that was hired to install the standard garage door that came with the new construction of the home. These products aren’t always the best, but in our experience, Liftmaster has been known to produce some of the most top quality products on the market today.

Need a garage door repair or replacement? Give All American Garage Door Solutions a call today!
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Posted by on in Our Blog
A broken spring on a garage door is one of the most common garage door repairs we perform here at All American Garage Door Solutions. The spring is one of the most integral parts of a functioning garage door, and yet, can be one of the most fragile. Many clients get frustrated when their garage door stops functioning due to a broken spring, and we totally understand. Here are a few reasons why your garage door spring may have broken in the first place.garage door repair

Age. Think about how many times a day you open and close your garage door. It’s probably quite a bit. When a garage door opens and closes, the spring is going through two cycles of lifting and lowering the door. It’s estimated that the average household goes through around ten thousand cycles in the course of a year. The spring itself is the part taking on all the weight of that garage door, so it’s no surprise that it will get worn out over time.

Rust. Here in Orlando, we have a humid and tropical climate. Rust developing on anything can be quite the problem and the garage door spring is no exception. When rust develops on the spring, its lifespan will dramatically decrease and a broken spring will more than likely come sooner rather than later for your garage door. If left on the spring, rust will start to corrode the material and eventually, the spring won’t be able to function at all.

Maintenance. Garage door maintenance is important to keep the door functioning. To avoid the buildup of rust, you should consider spraying WD-40 on the springs three to four times a year. You should also keep close watch on the door and how it’s operating. Test out your door and really analyze it at least once every six months. Are you noticing that one side is sagging? Is it making a loud noise you’ve never heard before? Are any parts moving extremely slow or seem to be struggling? If you notice any signs of a possible problem, give us a call here at All American Garage Door Solutions. One of our garage door repair experts can advise you of what’s going on with the door and the necessary repairs to put it back on track.

A broken garage door spring will never be 100% preventable, but these are a few explanations as to why it can break. Noticing your door isn’t up to par or need a garage door repair? Give us a call today!
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Posted by on in Garage Door Repair
One common problem that we come across here at All American Garage Door Solutions is a garage door that opens at an angle. If a homeowner notices their garage door is opening or closing at an angle and not directly up and down, a garage door repair is in order right away. garage door repair

Continuing to operate the door when it’s showing signs of this problem can only make the dilemma worse. It can cause damage to the garage door itself, turning a simple repair into a complete replacement. So, what could be wrong with the garage door if it’s opening and closing at an angle and how it be fixed? Here are the ins and outs of this garage door repair according to our experts.

What’s the cause? More than likely, a broken cable is the culprit in this garage door repair situation. When one cable is snapped, thrown off the drum, or otherwise compromised, it puts a massive amount of tension on the other cable. The one cable that’s actually functioning will pull up its side of the door but the other side of the garage door doesn’t stand a chance on moving. This puts a lot of tension and work on the existing cable that’s still in good working order. That means if the homeowner keeps operating the door in its current condition, more than likely, that other cable will be snapping or damaged very shortly. This not only leads to a bigger repair, but it can also lead to a slamming garage door and the need for a bigger (and more expensive) replacement.

How can I fix it? A snapped cable is one of the most dangerous garage door repairs to try and make on your own. Here at All American Garage Door Solutions, we strongly suggest not even attempting to touch the door when you notice it’s opening in a crooked fashion. Give one of our garage door repair experts a call to assess the situation and what’s needed.

A broken cable makes for a scary situation because the door can come crashing down at any moment. Trying to figure out the problem or attempting to disconnect the opening system yourself when your garage door is in this state can cause major harm to you, your belongings, your family, or the door itself.

If you’re noticing your garage door just isn’t aligned properly anymore, don’t try to diagnose the problem yourself. Give a garage door repair expert at All American Garage Door Solutions a call today!
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We’ve definitely heard this one before. We get calls from homeowners all the time who can’t stand the squeak, clanging, and annoyance of a loud garage door. Every open and close of the door makes an garage door repairunbearable noise, loud enough to wake the neighbors. At All American Garage Door Solutions, we hear from homeowners who are at their wit’s end with their loud garage door and are looking for a quick and easy solution. The noise coming from a garage door could signal a larger problem or it could be an easy fix. Here are a few questions to ask yourself about the garage door to figure out what the problem may be.

Is the noise the only thing wrong? If the loud noise is accompanied by a slower-than-normal moving garage door, it may mean there’s a bigger problem. If the door comes up and down crooked or if it seems to slam too quickly, this can also be a sign that a more serious garage door repair may be in order. If you’re noticing any of these things with the noisy garage door, give the repair experts at All American Garage Door Solutions a call today. Continuing to operate your garage door with these problems can cause even more damage and a bigger repair bill.

Is the noise coming from both sides of the door? If the loud noise when opening and closing is coming from both sides of the garage door, the problem may be the rollers. When rollers get worn out and aren’t functioning properly, they can make the opening and closing process extremely loud on both sides of the door. What you’re hearing at that point is the rollers connecting the door as it travels through the tracks. If this is the case, one of our garage door repair professionals here at All American Garage Door Solutions may need to replace the rollers on the door to get it to operate quietly again.

Did lubricating the opener and door not work? If you’ve bought garage door lube at your local home improvement store, applied it to the door, and haven’t noticed a difference, it may be the door itself. Some brands and designs of garage doors are simply louder than others. If the door is an older model and the noise is really driving you crazy, a garage door replacement may be needed.

If you dread opening or closing your garage door because of the loud noise it makes, it’s time to do something about it. Give All American Garage Door Solutions a call today!
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A garage door that won’t open when using the garage door opener itself obviously signals that there’s a problem in need of repair. It needs to be fixed by an expert at All American Garage Door Solutions as soon as possible. In the interim to getting the problem fixed, you should be able to manually open and close your garage door. However, our garage door repair experts have seen several instances where garage door repairhomeowners can’t even manually open or close the garage door. This can be extremely frustrating and we always try to rush to those clients and fix the door as soon as possible. So, why does this happen? What can be wrong with the garage door that prevents it from even manually opening? Here are two things that could be the culprit.

Broken torsion spring. The torsion spring is required by the garage door for normal operation. A garage door is very heavy and the other parts of the opening mechanism just aren’t strong enough to lift the door – even with the help of your push. A torsion spring counterbalances the weight of the heavy door and allows the other parts to glide the door open or closed. We’re sorry to say it, but with a broken torsion spring, your garage door just isn’t going to budge, even manually. One of the garage door repair specialists here at All American Garage Door Solutions will need to come out and help with the broken torsion spring to get it up and running again.

Emergency Release Malfunction. Another possibility is the emergency release of your garage door. If your garage door is stuck down and simply won’t budge even when you try to lift it manually, it’s possible that the emergency release is also not working and not allowing you to move it. Pulling the emergency release handle is supposed to allow you to lift the door manually by disconnecting it from the garage door opener. If this handle isn’t working, unfortunately, you won’t be able to manually operate your door when it’s broken.

Here at All American Garage Door Solutions, we know how frustrating it can be when your garage door is broken and won’t even open manually. It’s important to give us a call right away when you notice something is wrong so we can start assessing the problem. If your garage door is starting to act up, give us a call today!
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Most people don’t really question the way their garage door operates until something is wrong with it. Then, homeowners are curious about what went wrong, why, and how to fix it. Here at All American Garage Door Solutions, we know everything there is to know about the operation of a garage door. When it has problems operating, we’re usually very quick to assess the problem along with a solution. So, what’s really responsible for the lifting of the incredibly heavy garage door? Believe it or not, the heavy lifting garage door repairdoesn’t come from huge and heavy parts. It comes from a harmony of smaller, perfectly designed parts that work together. Here are explanations of the two of the ‘heavy lifters’ that are responsible for the swift operation of your garage door.

Torsion spring. You’ve heard these words before from us, because the torsion spring is the most important part of your garage door opening mechanism. It’s the piece that takes all the heavy weight of the door itself and allows the other parts to move it up and down. The torsion spring counterbalances the weight of the door, making the movement a lot easier on the other parts of the opener. The torsion spring also makes sure the door doesn’t just simply slam shut when lowering. Since the average American garage door opens and closes over 1500 times a year, it’s no wonder the torsion spring can get tired and wear out or just break altogether.

Pulley and Cable. The pulley and cable system are what guide the door where to go when it’s closing or opening. While the pulley and cable system is strong on its own, it would be unable to perform without the help of the torsion spring taking on the weight of the door. The pulley and cable system are what start the movement of the door when an operation is asked. If there’s a problem opening or closing the door, it may be that the pulley and cable system is bent, broken, or not sliding properly.

There are many other intricate parts to the garage door opening system, which is why it’s important to call a professional at All American Garage Door Solutions when something goes wrong. There could be any number of parts that need to be replaced or fixed to make the garage door work properly again. Having trouble with your garage door or thinking about a replacement? Give us a call today!
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